Mikael Thompson
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Strangecraft is a satirical science-fiction novel of sociolinguistics, philology, and other dark and arcane fields that was written for Speculative Grammarian, the world's leading journal (or at least of those parts of the world that count) of satirical linguistics.  The novel is available there online for free; this release is for readers who are allergic to HTML.

I can do no better than quote the description at Speculative Grammarian: "Strangecraft is a slow-burning weird tale, a detailed, personal story told against a stygian, cosmic-scale backdrop. The narrator wends his way through the wilds of post-Subsidence New England in search of an advanced degree in linguistics, but both he and the reader find considerably more than they bargained for in and around the environs of the Miskatonic Institute of Technology, as numerous dire secrets are unearthed, entrusted, or mislaid."

Be warned that as the novel is written by a linguist for linguists, there's a fair amount of linguistic humor, both of language and of linguistics.  Much of it can be enjoyed despite this, however.

Two PDFs are available.  The regular PDF is for large e-book readers and computers.  The large-print PDF is for people (like me) with inordinately small e-book readers.

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